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Special Education

Special Education


Serving the Challenged Learner

Meeting the needs of students who require additional support.

The General Educational Support Process

Throughout a student’s academic experience, they may encounter certain learning challenges. To provide the necessary support to a challenged learner, our district has implemented a student referral process.

Our referral process incorporates the strategies and techniques of the Response to Intervention (RtI) program; and it is operational at all levels of instruction.  The RtI team consists of a student’s Teacher(s), Social Worker, Counselor and/or Intervention Specialist, as appropriate.

If your child is experiencing academic or behavioral difficulty, you will be contacted and encouraged to be a part of this team.  Oftentimes, it is this level of intervention that will solve our concerns and allow the student to move forward with confidence and structure.

Your involvement, cooperation and support is imperative as we seek to establish a partnership that will make a difference for your child. The parent has the right to request an evaluation at anytime.

Special Education Services

Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences Special Education program provides students with special needs additional assistance as mandated under the IDEA ’04 Federal Law in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) appropriate for each student enrolled.  Eligibility is based on meeting specific criteria for one or more disabilities and whether or not special education is necessary for the child to benefit from the educational program.

Child Find

If you suspect your child has a disability affecting his/her school performance, please contact your child’s teacher, building administrator, or Special Student Services at (313) 259-1744 ext. 1423.

Jane Shook

Special Student Services

(313) 259-1744 ext. 1423 or jshook@daask12.com

Special Education Documents

Process of Determining Specific Learning Disability

District Process to Determine Existence of a Specific Learning Disability


IDEA Procedural Safeguards For Parents


Suggested List of Parent Organizations