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Generation with Promise

Generation with Promise

Henry Ford Health System

DAAS has partnered with Henry Ford’s Generation with Promise to teach our students about healthy living.

Generation With Promise (GWP) focuses on empowering youth and families to increase their consumption of healthy foods and to increase their physical activity and balance caloric intake. Students from nine middle schools and three high schools work together to promote healthy food in their schools, communities and their own lives. In addition, GWP is in the community helping not only youth but also their families to make healthier choices.

GWP aims to help students and their families Move More, Eat Better and Change Lives! GWP schools work to improve their school environment and the health behaviors of the students. These changes are being led by the students themselves! We are proud of the progress that the schools and the students have been making and we feel that the future is bright for the GWP schools!

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